Art stained glass design and conservation
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  • restoration geometric stained glass window haussmann apartment flat paris Restoration of a geometric stained glass window in a Haussmann apartment. Paris 17.
  • Chastity. The 12 virtues of Plutarque. Chuch of Ervy-le-Châtel, near Troyes. France.
  • Restoration of the Arts and Crafts stained glass windows in a Haussmann-style residential building. Paris 2.
  • Restoration of the 19th-century stained glass windows in the dining room of a religious community. Paris, France.
  • Restoration of an Art Deco stained glass window in a Haussmann-style residential building. Paris 15, Vaugirard.
  • Restoration of the stained glass windows over the 6 floors of a Haussmann building. Institutional customer. Paris, France.
  • Restoration of a stained glass window, including a copy of the main theme, the dolphin. Private client, Chatou, Paris area.
  • Restoration of the stained glass windows of a Haussmann residential building. Institutional customer. Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris area, France.
  • Preliminary study for the restoration of the stained glass windows in the staircase. Private commission, Paris
  • Antique stained glass windows under restoration. Total un-and releading. Private commission, Paris
  • (en) Restoration and encapsulation of the stained glass windows in double-glazing units. Private client, Paris
  • Antique flashed stained glass decorated with grisaille painting and silver stain
  • Restoration of an Art Nouveau stained glass window made by Ch.Champigneulle Fils in Paris.
  • Restoration of the rose stained glass window of Saint-Philippe's Chapel. Apprentis d'Auteuil Foundation, Paris area.
  • Preliminary study for the restoration of the stained glass windows of a mansion. Private commission, Paris area.
  • Preliminary restoration study of the 16th century stained glass windows. Sainte-Julienne Church, Paris area.
  • Restoration stained glass window staircase Restoration of a stained glass window in a staircase. Paris area.
  • restoration anti stained glass windows paris Restoration of the antique stained glass windows. Musée de la Vie Romantique, Paris
  • Restoration and encapsulation of the stained glass windows of the staircase in double-glazing units. Institutional client, Paris
  • Preliminary study for the restoration of the Art Nouveau stained glass windows of a mansion. Private commission, Paris area.
  • Restoration of 19th-century heraldic and medallion stained glass windows. Private client, Paris area.
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Are there any stained-glass windows in your appartement, building or church? It is crucial to take care of them and give them the utmost attention.
Irisations specializes in the restoration and conservation of neogothic stained glasss windwos, Art Déco stained glass windows and Art Nouveau stained glass windows.

(en)Irisations Restauration de vitrail : Nos prestations

Our services:

We do work in both private and public buildings (appartments, stairwells, chapels, churches, city halls, town houses...).

All stained glass windows are restored or conserved in our studio and do receive the same service: technical assessment, use of traditional technics, respect of the original artwork and associated environment.

Before any operation, we do conduct a technical and historical assessment of the stained glass panel: history of the artwork, function, constituent materials (glasses, leads, metal framework...), applied treatments, current conditions of conservation.

From that assessment, we will set the objectives of the restoration, the main technical steps as well as a long-term conservation strategy. It may be required to have a close look at the to-be-restored window.

The main operations:

Our service offer to the window and its frame relate to:

  • cleaning the window and apply specific treatment when appropriate (e.g. biocide)
  • partial or total releading
  • replacemet of missing or cracked panes
  • paint touch-ups when panes are decorated or complementary decorated panes

We can also provide protective glazing for the window, like stained-glass panels insertion in double-glazing windows. A cost and time estimate is then provided to you.

Humidity: a major risk

Stained-glass windows have undergone over centuries many destructions and alterations because of men (vandalism, adjustments, wars...), weather conditions (rain, hail, thermal shock), atmospheric pollution, micro-organisms or just lack of maintenance. That is the reason why many windows have disappeared, in France and in Europe.

Should the humidity in your building or house be high, the inner face of the window is likely to be attacked by condensation. This will lead to the formation of micro-craters, therefore darkening the glass and sometimes peelings of grisaille or blooming of micro-organisms, fungi, algae and bacteria. The latter leads to glasses browning.

Most of these phenomena do affect both medieval glasses and modern ones. Stained-glass windows of the XIXth century are particulary affected by condensations.

Stained glass window restoration

The repair or restoration of a stained glass window can be partial or total. Partial repair includes, for example, filling a gap, that is, replacing a missing glass. It can also be a broken glass pane to replace. It is carried out on site, at the client's premises. The complete repair, called total restoration of the stained glass window, requires the removal of the stained glass panel from its metal or wooden frame. An temporary protection is then installed in the frame. The window is taken to the studio and it will be reassembled in brand-new lead before being installed in its frame in the customer's residence.